You did not get to see me –

me who is charming

me who dances around in her pink underpants in the middle of the day

me who is caring

me who loses her shit from time to time

me who is messy

me who is unorganised

me who does not mind unshaved legs

me who laughs in un unapropriate moment and who laughs too loud, the way that a lady is not supposed to

me who is wild

me who can brush her teeth for 15 minutes – just to be sure they’re clean

me who can be awake til 3 in the morning, so she can chat with her Asian friends

me who writes text messages to her best friends at 2 in the morning, because she is upset

me who loves too much

me who is sometimes selfish

me who is bossy

me who reads a lot, but is ashamed to read out loud

me who can argue instead of everyone else

me who is unable to defend herself

me who is amazing

me who stands out

me who would do almost everything for you

me who eats raw ramen noodles

me who washes her face more than 30 times a day

me who loves touching leaves in the forest

me who talks with trees in her head

me who is loud

me who at times is somewhat stupid

me who can not masturbate

me who is obsessed with tea

me …

And you only met me who is quiet.


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