I came across one blog post where a person was furious for being treated differently, well, not even treated, he was the center of attention because of his looks.

My dear man, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

It’s obvious that you’re going to be stared at if you’re different than your surroundings. And I’m so tired of everyone blaming it on racism all the time.

Yes, racism IS a BIG problem in our society, but you being stared at in a community that isn’t used of your looks, isn’t racism.

Let’s be more patient with each other.


(person, however, wasn’t Muslim, but it can be applied to all religions)


I spent the last few days going through all our conversations, all messages. There are no clues. You left in the middle of the sentence and are not responding to me any longer.

I miss you. 5 months had passed. I have tried calling, writing to you everywhere. I feel I am invading your privacy, like a stalker.

At least let me know you are okay.

It is hard to hold onto something that is long, long gone … But you said you are going to let me go when I fall in love. I am not in love, why did you let me go? I miss you, come back. My heart is breaking on memories.

I am waiting for whenever you are ready to come back.