I had 3 dates this week: on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I have met Wednesday’s and Thursday’s guys on Tinder, and with the other one I’ve been chatting for some months now but I’ve met him on some other site by a chance.

I’ve been chatting with the W guy a week before we met, we’ve exchanged Whatsapps and continued there. I realised he’s a very weird dude, so I stopped chatting with him. On Wednesday, he texted me again saying he’s in the city and we should meet. And I thought where’s the harm, it’s still light outside and nothing can happen to me. The whole meeting was weird, he tried to persuade me that the problem is in me, because I’m having problems with intimacy etc. etc. … and that I shouldn’t be scared of a little HIV because that’s nothing. In the end, he said that he wishes to experience the end of the world with me because it would make me run into his arms (as you know, natural women instinct blabla). I politely said: dear boy, my first instinct would be to run away from you. The word battle continued but I think I won, next morning he texted me again and asked to meet, I said no. Enough crazy for one life.

T guy … I said to meet at one part of the city, also because he’s currently staying there and it would be easier (and I could stay on the same metro line) … I arrived a few minutes late, and he’s nowhere to be found tho he claims to be at the bar and it’s impossible for him not to be noticed … After a few minutes I’ve realised he’s at a different pub, on the other side of the city. Okay, it took me a rough 30 minutes to get there. The whole chat then was okay, but he was a tad boring. When it was the time to leave he said that he really can’t go on his own to his place because he doesn’t know how to find it (he had no data on mobile and in his excuse I told him not to use taxies and ubers because public transport is on point) so I told him I’ll walk him home. We were standing at the stairs and he starts to hug me from behind, so okay, I though, maybe he’s a bit tipsy, I brushed it off. Finally, we’re at his street when he tries to get me into his apartment. He wasn’t drunk. He was just trying to get into my pants. I said goodbye and left.

F guy. We went for a long walk and had a nice chat.  He remembered from our conversation that I like walks and nice views much more than drinking in pubs. There was no awkward silence because he always picked up the conversation when the silence started. He didn’t try to make a move on me which I really appreciate. After our walk he politely asked if I don’t mind if we say goodbye on the spot, he wished me a safe drive home and left. We’re meeting again the next Friday. The only downside of it, he’s smaller than me, I swear, I think I’m still growing.


I decided to continue on testing the dating scene to see what I actually like. I’m 25 and I’ve never dated before, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it?


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  1. Haha I loved reading this. Good on you girl! There’s nothing wrong with not having dated at 25. Trust me hun, it’s much better to never have been in a shit relationship. You should be very proud of yourself. It’s worth it when you finally do meet “him”. Keep trusting your instincts like you are and it’ll happen x

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    1. Thank you!
      I have however been in a shit relationshit before, but I’ve never done the sole act of ‘dating’ as going out and getting to know someone. I foolishly rushed into a relatinhsip that did no good to me.

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