I was driving on a subway to get to class and one man sat next to me.

When he sat down he smacked my whole arm quite hard, I turned around to see if all is alright because he didn’t really seem sober. He turned to me and mumbled something because I didn’t understand I just smiled and looked the other way. In 30 seconds or something like that, he turns his body to me and start shouting you racist. I look at him in confusion and he keeps on repeating you racist. Then he stands up, keeps on shouting racist, racist, racist.

Obviously, he got quite some attention from the over-packed metro. Now everyone is whispering, some are giving me ugly eyes, and some are giving him ugly eyes because he’s shouting. He then furiously walks away while still shouting at me.

Well, that was a beautiful experience … What a beautiful time to be alive.


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