People you meet while living in a student dorm

  1. Sloppy ones: There are always, always some disgusting creatures in this world who aren’t able to clean behind themselves. This goes from leaving dirty cups on the kitchen counter, dirty dishes in the sink, spaghetti in the sink, burned stove,  to hair all over the bathroom and so on … plus all the disgusting things you would never want to meet or see in the bathroom.
  2. Loud ones: From extra loud sex to just general shouting and partying in the room. I’ve heard it all. While you can go and knock on someone’s door at 3 AM and ask them to keep it low, you can’t really knock on someone’s door and ask them to turn their sex noises off, especially if they happen to live on another floor and you’re just unlucky enough to be in the room below them. And then there are the special ones. You would think that  girl who weights 30 kilos would not be able to produce this much noise while walking. Well, you’re wrong. Every time this girl would walk by my room it would sound like a stampede march. Or crazy bitches who decide if they’re the ones awake at certain hours, all floor should be, too. So they would either smash their suitcases on the stairs or drill holes with their heels through the hallway. Real gems.
  3. Shy ones: Those you only see once every two months are super shy, and look like you scared the shit out of them by saying ‘hi’.
  4. Ones that thank you too much: People who cannot stop thanking you because you saved their pasta from boiling over.
  5. Ones with the bruised face: You’re pretty sure someone beat the crap out of that girl but she would hide her face and run to the room. You don’t really know what to do.
  6. Prankers: Yes. Pranks. All the time.
  7.  Stoners: Sometimes I don’t want to smell weed. I really don’t.
  8. People you don’t actually know … but: But you know all they do. You know what kind of music they put on when they’re having sex, what they eat, when they shower, what they study, where they’re from … without even once talking to them. And you feel like an agent but it’s not really your fault they make everything so public.
  9. People you don’t know live on your floor: But you once see them coming out of the room you thought was empty.
  10. Needy ones: The ones you meet the last day but they turn out super needy and clingy want to be in your room, go out with you, and ask you to stay while you’re packing your bags and are ready to go.
  11. Nice ones: The ones you end up being friends with and you miss seeing their faces in the hallway when you return home.
  12. Psychopathic dorm ladies, cleaning ladies etc.: You name it, it happened.
  13. Stalkers: You were nice and said ‘hi’ to someone on the street and now you have a stalker. Or a couple of them. Great. Good luck finding that pepper spray in your bag when the creeper starts grabbing your hand.
  14. People who don’t speak any other language: I am still not sure how’s that even possible in this day and age. But they exist! Not only the ‘native’ ones, but the ones going on exchange. Dude, learn some English first. How did you even plan this?