After six months you left me; you’re no longer interested in being romantic with me. Suddenly that’s too personal. Kissing me is too intimate now. So you kissed my forehead until I made you tell me – why. What’s the matter.

And you say you want to taste the dating ground, meet new people, date new people, and you’re not ready to be in a relationship, and that you could never love me. So you want to leave me behind, because if you end everything now, and tell me how it is, I will remain your friend, your best friend, because you tell me everything, we get along so well, and you don’t want to lose that.

But that doesn’t work, does it? I cannot be your friend, and pretend all is alright, just because you decided so. You think I can just forget it all and move on. I can’t.

”Don’t cry, nothing happened”, it happened to me. I fell in love. You know it, I know it. Your decisions hurt me.

If I am to respect your decisions, and not see you romantically anymore, then you are to respect mine: I cannot see you as a friend.

Yes, I love you. Yes, I am fond of you. And yes, I love myself enough to allow myself to let you go.


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